Guillermo Salinas Pliego

Is a Mexican entrepreneur.

Founder and Chairman of Grupo Avalanz, a holding company that owns and operates:

CNCI University, Todito Cash, Zignia, Arena Ciudad de México, Arena Monterrey, Arena Guadalajara, Súperboletos, “El Horizonte” newspaper, among other companies.

Salinas's companies operate in: Live entertainment, Concert & Sports ticketing, Payment Processing Systems, Education, and Digital News information.

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In 2003, Salinas constituted operations under the holding company known as "Grupo Avalanz". Today, the Group's main businesses include Zignia Live (Live Performances Promoter), Zignia Venues (integrated by the Arena Ciudad de México, the Arena Monterrey and the Arena Guadalajara, still under construction), Superboletos (a major ticket distribution company for live performances in Mexico), CNCI University, Publimax (which markets and manages the TV Azteca franchise in the northeastern part of Mexico), El Horizonte newspaper, Todito, "Non Plus" Brewery and Dyce.

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