Guillermo Salinas Pliego

Guillermo Salinas Pliego Is a Mexican entrepreneur.

Founder and Chairman of Grupo Avalanz, a holding company that owns and operates:

CNCI University, Todito Cash, Zignia, Arena Ciudad de México, Arena Monterrey, Arena Guadalajara, Súperboletos, “El Horizonte” newspaper, among other companies.

Salinas is engaged in different business activities including: Live Entertainment, Concert & Sports Ticketing, Payment Processing Systems, Education, and Digital News Information.

Guillermo Salinas Pliego. Born 04-25-1960 in Mexico City is the son of businessman Hugo Salinas Price and Esther Pliego Muris. He has five siblings: Ricardo, Elisa (+), Esther, Rebeca (+) and Norah Emilia (+).

His parents, originally from Nuevo León, moved to Mexico City in 1954 where Guillermo grew up and attended at "The Edron Academy”. He later graduated from St. Andrew's College, Ontario Canada and afterwards acquired a degree in accounting (CPA) from the Instituto Tecnológico de Monterrey (ITESM) 1982.

Salinas has an interest for books, finance, information technology, architecture, and design.

He is married (1984) to Lilia M. Treviño Ballesteros. Lives in San Pedro, N.L., Mexico. Has four children: Guillermo, Federico, Pablo and Eugenio.


Ricardo Salinas Pliego, Hugo Salinas Rocha, Guillermo Salinas Pliego, Hugo Salinas Price (Ca.1984)

Family History

The “Salinas” have had an outstanding business trajectory dating back to the late 19th century.

Guillermo's great grandfather, Benjamín Salinas Westrup, set up a business called "Benjamín Salinas y Cía.". He later partnered with his brother-in-law, Joel Rocha, to manufacture furniture under the "Salinas y Rocha" (SYR) brand name. Afterwards, Hugo Salinas Rocha, Guillermo's grandfather, built an important retailer (SYR) in Mexico City.

In 1950 Guillermo's father, Hugo Salinas Price, created Elektra in partnership with his grandfather.

Today, Grupo Elektra is one of the largest electronics and home appliance retail chains in the country.

Elektra also owns Banco Azteca, one of Mexico’s largest banks. Elektra is operated by his brother Ricardo.